Cereus gameplay
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A Towerless Tower Defense Mobile Game
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In the crowded genre of tower defense, Cereus has been hailed as unique, refreshing, clean, simple to control, and easy to learn. Best described as a cross between Tower Defense, Geometry Wars, and Asteroids, Cereus feels like a retro game with modern touches.

With challenging gameplay and satisfyingly difficult bosses, you'll need to rely on quick strategy and fast fingers. A skill grid provides gratifying progression that emphasizes versatility rather than increased power, requiring increasingly strategic gameplay on your road to victory.

If you love tower defense, hybrid games, or retro games, play Cereus!


  • Tower defense gameplay. Cereus features unique tower defense where your fingers act as the towers. You must defend your base in the center of the game area by using different abilities to destroy hordes of enemies.

  • Simple touch controls. You can destroy enemies by simply tapping to inflict damage, long pressing to unleash bombs or swiping to create reflective barriers.

  • Upgrade your skills. Collect points in levels to gain skill points that are then used in a multi-focus skill grid to power up a specific ability.

  • Dozens of thoughtfully designed levels. Cereus features 37 levels arranged in pyramid worlds that gradually increase in difficulty. The higher you climb the pyramid, the tougher the levels. At the peak of each pyramid a powerful boss waits.

  • Minimalist design. Enjoy a beautiful and minimalist design with a "hint" of neon-like graphics. Forget useless eye-candy, in Cereus you'll have a retro-inspired Arcade game experience.

As a solo developer, I worked on every piece of this game myself (except the music, I only arranged that), so I'd love to hear what you think! Write a review and tell me what I can do to improve Cereus!